Chemical Foaming Agents for Wood-Plastics Composites Extrusion…
Products for Any Polymer-Wood Combination, Various Wood-Filler Moisture Contents and Amount of Wood-Filler Used


If you are currently foaming, or contemplating foaming wood-composites, Bergen International can help you with our Foamazol™ CFAs.

With today’s tremendous activity in wood plastics composite extrusion many processors find that specific polymer/wood content blends and the high moisture content of wood flour require unique foaming agent formulations.

To help processors, Bergen International has special endo/exo blend Foamazol™ CFA grades which have been proven to outperform in profile extrusions of cellular PVC and wood plastic composites.

The combination of the endo/exo blend provides the benefit of the high gas pressure and volume from the exothermic portion, while also eliminating profile distortion due to the controlled gas yields of the endothermic portion.

Foamazol™ CFAs address wood plastics composite extrusion concerns such as:

• Specific Polymers Used – ABS, Polypropylene, PE, etc…
• Amount of Wood Filler Used – 5%, 15%, 25%, 50%, etc…
• Moisture Content of the Wood Filler
• Processing with Virtually any Polymer/Wood Combination

Use of Bergen CFAs yield wood plastics composite extruders benefits such as:

• Faster Extrusion Rates
• Consistent High-Quality Foam Structure -- very fine, uniform cell structure with consistent density
• Reduced Polymer Usage



Among our line of Wood Plastic Composite CFAs are XO-470 and Foamazol™ 77. Please contact us to determine whether one of these CFAs will meet your particular process, or what other Chemical Foaming Agent will best meet your needs including a custom formulated CFA.


Wood Plastic Composite Profile Extrusion and Foamed Cell Structure:

Cellular PVC and wood plastics composite extruded profile

Very fine, uniform cell structure with consistent density


Custom Chemical Foaming Agent Products and Customer Assistance

Bergen International can also work with you to customize CFAs for your Wood Plastics Composite process. Our staff has extensive formulating and processing experience and can assist you in developing a CFA to best meet your process requirements.