Chemical Foaming Agents for Pipe and Profile Extrusion… Reduce Polymer Usage, Increase Line Speeds / Extrusion Rates, Improve Physical Properties


Bergen International has a diverse line of proven and cost effective Chemical Foaming Agents that offers pipe and profile extruders many cost saving benefits. We have products for a variety of polymers including PVC, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, and ABS, and they can be added to any extrusion process the same way other additive master batches are.

When our pipe and profile foaming agents decompose the liberated gasses yield an extrusion with a fine, uniform cellular structure, reducing densities. The generated gasses cause polymer expansion as it exits the die often resulting in increased line speed to compensate (25-30% increases are not unheard of with Foamazol™ compared to non-foamed extrusions).

Use of Foamazol™ CFAs allow pipe and profile allow extruders to:

• Reduce polymer usage
• Achieve consistent high-quality foam structure - very fine, uniform cells with consistent density
• Reduce foaming agent usage versus other industry suppliers
• Achieve faster extrusion rates / line speeds
• Extrude lighter profiles - achieve target profile weight with Foamazol™ versus leading competitor CFA products
• Improve physical properties - smoother surfaces, increased strength
• Process at cooler temperatures
• Immediate parts finishing



Our Pipe and Profile Extrusion product line includes:

PVC Foamazol™ 80
  Foamazol™ 813

LDPE, HDPE, PP Foamazol™ 21

PS Foamazol™ 85
  Foamazol™ 95
  Foamazol™ 73S

ABS Foamazol™ 812

ABS chemical foamed pipe cross sections:

50x Magnification of Cell Structure with XO-459 (new grade Foamazol™ 812) in ABS pipe — line speeds improvements of as much as 2-4% in ABS pipe over industry standard are possible

Cell Structure with XO-468 (new grade Foamazol™ 812) in PVC Pipe


Custom Chemical Foaming Agent Products and Customer Assistance

Bergen International can also work with you to customize CFAs for your Pipe and Profile Extrusion process. Our staff has extensive formulating and processing experience and can assist you in developing a CFA to best meet your requirements.